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Daily Mirror Front Page online Exclusive Interview August 1st 2012
Make Over Essex, Fitness Celebrity Rachel Evans – As seen in Star Magazine, ITV Lorraine, Marie Claire, Huffingtgon Post Celeb, Metro Newspaper, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Bella Mag, Woman`s Own, New! Mag, Now Mag, Gulf News Friday Mag…..


Rachel Evans on ITV Lorraine Sofa, interviewed on “beautiful and anti-bullying” in support of Samantha Brick with Closer columnist Marissa Peer and host Jackie Brambles.

Make Over Essex offers women their dream Celebrity Looks with Rachel Evans own MOE brand Fit Plan and Beauty Plan. A Celeb Makeover For Less.



Rachel Evans is a bikini athlete & fitness model businesswoman & juggling working mum, who hit the headlines for her beautiful bikini-body, as well as a real woman & mum, with a nine to five job in PR fitness journalist – juggling her own business Make Over Essex- AS SEEN ON on ITV Lorraine and in national press for being beautiful with a body most women want. After working as a journalist,(court reporter) followed by a ten year stint as Fashion Sytlist to the stars. Her full credentials are Fitness Model, Celebrity Fitness, Image Consultant, Make Up Artist and Fashion Stylist.

Rachel Dubai Fitness Model Shoot



Rachel on ITV Tonight show

“Fashion changes -style never!” says Rachel, who at 42 competes in the press against women half her age.
“Age is a number. My fitness age is 21. And I represent the body most women want to have, whether or not they like to admit it.”
With her experience as a model,she works out and gives body and beauty interviews to inspire other women.
After relationship split and family tragedy, Rachel re-inevented herself from an underweight busy juggling mum, into a fitness celebrity known on the internet for having a Body like Madonna. Her image was an amazing transformation from a gaunt skinny 7 stone to a healthy curvy slim size 8 with toned body bikini ready all year round, with washboard abs.

Rachel`s Butt Lift workouts are featured in a new book Best Butt Exercises For Women available on Amazon. She has a bikini body to rival any 21 year old. With hard work and gritty determination Rachel battled through hard times of work, family and life challenges and her desire is to “help women of Britain be the best they can be” with her make-overs head to toe or individual areas, like make up, wardrobe styling, re-invention, new hair and style, or something as simple as finding that dress or outfit which is right for your individual body shape-for that special event, job interview, party or wedding.

Rachel Evans – AS SEEN IN

Rachel in the Daily Mirror Front Page online Exclusive Interview

Rachel Evans Celebrity status has seen recent PR interviews in the national press on her beauty and fitness secrets. Her bikini body workouts and beauty routines she now shares having set up her make over business. Full interviews – As seen in Star Magazine, ITV Lorraine, Marie Claire UK, Marie Claire India, Huffingtgon Post Celeb, Metro Newspaper, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Bella Mag, Woman`s Own, New! Mag, Now Mag, Gulf News Friday Mag.

Rachel in Star Magazine – Exclusive Christmas Day 2012 interview of her MOE client and friend Leah Wright, talking about Rachel and being on her MOE fitness plan, and all things TOWIE, Mark and Jessica Wright.for full interview click here Rachel in Star Magazine with TOWIE Leah Wright Click here

My MOE PR biz got talked about in Star Magazine, online Christmas Day so it was a real buzz !”

” A friend introduced me to TOWIE Leah, and we clicked straight away! I love Leah`s determination to be fit after 3 kids. She is a good example of women bouncing back into health and fitness after kids, and is on my tailored MOE fit plan ”

For Natalie Trice Interview on her fab website Just Because I Love – of Leah and Rachel see Natalie Trice Just Because I Love website Click here for full interview and pics

Rachel`s Marie Claire Interview on Bedroom Style, Love and Sex – fab PR for Make Over Essex.” I had fun doing this for November 2012 Marie Claire. Its a classy piece and not too OTT, and published across the world, UK,Australia and India.Awesome! ” Newly single Rachel, who is no longer with her ex-fiance, says ” I did over 35 PR interviews in 2012, all from my own hard work. So its part of my PR history. ”

The interview was so popular that it went in Marie Claire Australia & Marie Claire India Decmeber 2012 issue.
News Update January 2013 “Sadly, due to incompatatbility, I ended my relationship with my fiance. Wish him the best and its time for me to move on. So I can continue to build on the last ten years of hard work, without having to sacrafice who I am. I believe in love and one day hope to meet my Mr.Right ” Rachel says.

January 2013 Rachel interview in Take A Break New Year Special on “Beautiful Bodies”.

Rachel`s Daily Mirror – Olympic Week – Exclusive interview PR for Make Over Essex

” I just put on a slick of my MAC Pink Lemonade lipgloss and pout like Barbie. I love being me. I have qualifications and am intelligent. People sometimes are unenlightened and they judge others. I was bullied as a child and in my twenties suffered badly, and got stronger when I hit 30. Now, I turn negatives into positives. So people who bully,judge or criticise others, just need to accept themselves. And just Be. So fitness and beauty regimes for me keeps my physical and mental state fit and healthy.”
Rachel`s Dubai fitness shoot pic with Mike on LA Muscle website

Womans Own June 25th, issue Rachel pictured next to Simon Cowell and Dragons Den.

Daily Mirror Rachel`s Exclusive Interview Click Here to read.

For all Rachel`s recent 2012 press interviews, see below and follow @MakeOverEssex.
Rachel says “there are internet Trolls out there who just judge and criticise me. I am not in control of what headlines Editors choose to write,so people should read my interviews properly.I am consistent and there is a synergy in what I represent- Self-Belief, Body Confident and strong whilst being and looking femenine at all times. Beautiful women can be intelligent too. And my profile is all of that. ”
Rachel Evans Official website

Alpha FIt Magazine Rachel`s PR fitness and sex interview

Rachel`s full interview in Alpha Fit Magazine Click Here
Rachel Fitness interview in Running Free Mag November 2012

For full fitness cardio tips interview click here Running Free Magazine Rachel`s interview
My very own @ClarieaBella cleb bag made specially for me by Georgina. I love my caricature its so me ! Most of the TOWIE cast have been papped with theirs too ! thank you Georgina @ToxicFox

Rachel`s interview in Fitness First Celeb Gossip website

My exclusive August Gulf News interview on Succcess and Making your dreams happen

Click Magazine
Womans Own June 25th, issue Rachel pictured next to Simon Cowell and Dragons Den.

Rachel`s Celebrity Status is rising – Her interview in the Huffington Post -on Olympic Sex

Celebrity Now! Magazine Rachel`s OCD Interview to raise awareness

Now Magazine Interview on living with OCD.

And to prove Rachel is a natural beauty, after her ITV Lorraine interview on being like Samantha Brick she proves her critics wrong, by doing a fun piece on No Make Up Challenge in The People Newspaper, Magazine on July 22nd 2012, PR for her business.

Rachel in The People Newspaper Mag Take It Easy July 22nd.

Natural Health August 2012 issue Rachel interview on travel and style.

Bella Mag June interview

Rachel says “This interview was done on “Self-Belief” which is written next to my name, so if people read it closely they will see its all about self esteem and my bouncing back from life hurdles. I can`t control what headlines Editors choose to run and it`s a fun piece. At least it gets people to listen ”

ITV Lorraine show interview – My experiences like Samantha Brick

Your Thurrock Essex interview Re -Rachel`s ITV Lorraine Interview

Interview in Feature World online magazine.

Rachel interviewed in Fabulous magazine (June 24th 2012) on Weddings and self esteem before walking Mr Right down the aisle.

Celebrity Gossip wesbite

Female First Celebrity Gossip website Rachel`s Interview June 2012 Celebrity Gossip Female First – Rachel`s interview

Fabulous Magazine June 24th 2012 -Rachels interview -The Women Who Are Marrying Themselves

Rachel in The People Newspaper Feb 2012. on Dating and The Rules.

The Metro interview on “Bullied For My Looks” and Rachel turning hate into inspiration with biz website

newssrt.co.uk – Rachel`s Metro interview

Daily Mail “facelift Before Forty” interview on Rachel`s beauty procedures without going under knife

Fabulous Mag News of the World, Rachels interview on “Is Being Beautiful a Blessing or a Curse”

Why Divorced Men Are Suddenly A Catch – Rachel`s interview in Daily Mail -Feb 2012

The People Newspaper – Rachel`s interview – “I date By The Rules”

New! Magazine -Rachel interview on PND and stillborn baby twin

Interview in Essex Your Thurrock “Women Can Hate Beautiful Women” Rachel on her experiences

Candis Mag interview Rachel on her single mum struggles and success (with Charleze Theron on cover.

Fabulous Mag News of the World 2011.Is Beauty A Blessing or a Curse.

Rachel in Fabulous Mag “Is Being Beautiful A Blessing or A Curse?” feature.

Daily Express August 2009, Rachel`s Interview on Madonna and her own fitness regime.

Slim and We Hate It -Rachel on front page of Daily Mirror 2004 – interview on being a size 8 super-model figure and dealing with jealous women

Rachel Reporting Undercover on Dating Events.For full interview click link below

Rachel`s interview – My Modern Search For Mr Right

Rachel by Chris Taylor @takenbychrisuk

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